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Workshop Description for
Windows 10: A one-on-one beginners session

This is for those who are new to Windows 10 and want (sort or) individual
attention as we explore it's basic features and how it works. We don't have
Win10 on our lab computers so bring your laptops and/or tablets that have
Windows 10 on them.  We will fire 'em up and explore the areas you want help
with. Limited to 4 people.   If you don't have a device with Win 10 on and just
want to watch you are welcome to participate in the learning experience. Or if
you want to come help that would be great too. Nothing fancy here but you will
hopefully become more comfortable with the Win10 interface and how to get done
what you need to do like email, touch screens, Cortana, the sleek new browser
Edge, the file system and things like that.  Windows 10 is here and it is not
hard to use.