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Workshop Description for
OLLI: Windows 10: A Beginners Walkthrough (4 parts)

This is an OLLI class for the Summer of 2016. It is designed to make you
comfortable with the great new Windows 10 screens on your PC, laptop and
tablet.  We will cover how to find and use those things you are familiar with
from earlier versions, what the new things are and the best ways of making it do
what YOU want it to do.  Windows 10 is an easy to use system that is fast,
compatible with all of your other devices and designed to work the way you want
it to work. There wll be four 2-hour classes but they are all easy to understand
so you can miss a few without great problems or drop in on others and you will
still learn good stuff. I will use the Lynda tutorial series as a basis for most
classes but there should be time set aside for looking at the tablets and laptops
of class members that want individual help.