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Workshop Description for
OLLI: Why Do We Say That?

This will be a fun exploration of word and phrase origins.  Why do we "give someone the cold 
shoulder" "bring home the bacon", and "eat humble pie"?  Where did the words "Quiz", "Quarry" and 
"quarantine" come from?  This will be a casual stroll through the funny phrases and curious words 
we use every day to see their often unexpected origin.  Why do we say that something "costs an arm 
and a leg"?   Why is your cappuccino named after an order of monks?  Six 1 hour workshops.  No 
equipment required and no quizzes; just an interest in fun stuff about our wonderfully weird English 
language.   NOTE: This is an OLLI class but Cajun Clicker Members are welcome to attend. The 
class may be moved to our lecture room if more space is needed.  Each class is a stand alone 
presentation, you can attend as many or as few as you wish.