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Workshop Description for
Backups made EZ with Windows 10 - session 2

If you would like that nice warm feeling of knowing that all your important
files are safe and secure and backed up automatically every day, this is the
class for you.  We will cover the simple tools built into Windows 10 that will
do this for you.  Also covered will be using the Windows Restore points to back
up your machine to an earlier date as well as how to set your restore points.
The Refresh option will be explained as well as how to make an Image or
complete copy of your computer as another type of backup. Also, using online

There will be two, two hour sessions although this is flexible. Please bring a
thumb drive or external hard drive so that you can actually run the back up
procedure to see how it works. You may bring your laptop of course. If you
don't know what a thumb drive is, there will be a some supplied by the club for
you to learn on so don't fret. This is a beginners level class and I promise to
go slowly and that you will definitely know more about backups when it is over.