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Workshop Description for
Scan and Store ALL Your Pictures with Google Photo

Google now lets us store all our photos in the cloud - for free. Yep, all of
'em.  They also have a nifty new app called Photo Scan that lets us 'scan' any
snap shot or picture using our smart phones.  Their app eliminates glare and
produces a great picture by essentially merging four shots of the picture into
one great one.  These are automatically saved to your phone but also to the cloud
in Google Photos where they are available from anywhere.   So if you still have a
box of snapshots that you would like to preserve forever and organize into
something usable, I will show you how to get the application and then we can have
fun taking a bunch of these 'scans'.  You will need a smart phone (android or
iPhone), and a Google account of course.  Did I mention that it is all free?