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Workshop Description for
Listening With Both Ears - How to Really Hear Someone

One of the deepest desires of every human is to be heard and understood. Sadly 
this rarely happens in real life. Mostly we speak and then walk away feeling 
the other person did not hear us at all, being too busy thinking of what they 
wanted to say.

This workshop will demonstrate a few simple techniques that can be used to 
actively listen and hear what someone is saying. Watch the surprise on 
someone's face when they realize that you are actually hearing them. Who knows, 
they may start listening to you, too!

I will demonstrate what I call the Listen With Both Ears approach at the start, 
and hopefully everyone will join in the fun of practicing these little skills 
on each other during the workshop. Of course participation is completely 
voluntary and there is no obligation to do more than just enjoy listening if 
you wish.