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Workshop Description for
OLLI: What's So Great About the Mona Lisa?

OLLI: What's So Great About the Mona Lisa? This is a series of 6 classes that
seek to understand why some of the world's greatest artworks are so universally
loved and appreciated. Using videos made by experts, we will watch how the art
was made, why it was made and explore something about the artists themselves.
The artists will be DaVinci (Mona Lisa), Van Gogh (StarryNight) Michelangelo
(David), Vemeer (Girl With Pearl Earrring), Picasso (Guernica), and possibly
Munch (The Scream) and a few more to me named later as a surprise. This is meant
for art beginners like myself who simply want to understand more about artists
and their work.   Each class is about an hour and a half to 2 hours long
depending on the videos.